San Francisco-based car

I’m coming up from the bay (San Francisco, CA and the like), probably going up I-5, no dates set. So far the car has 1/4 seats filled, though that’s probably going to change soon. I’ll try to keep this box updated about it.

Close pick-ups are fine. I ask for gas money and, if you’re able, some help driving.


Norwee might be interested in something like this, I know he is from that area and will most likely be coming to the con.

Hey, Arbitrary, it’s Nerwee AKA your big black man from the FC party room. :slight_smile: I didn’t know you lived in San Francisco… what the hell. :slight_smile: Get with me. Maybe we can work something out. :slight_smile:

And the big black man has entered the room!

It’s okay. I Know you miss me. I’ll be back

Diablo’s minions grow stronger.

Nerwee, get in my car! :smiley:

hops in your convertible

We’ll have to talk. I forget when this shindig is.

It’s on the website under ‘about’ where pages are listed on the sidebar. :3

Sunnyvale here!

I’m a licensed driver and I will kick down for gas money for sure!

I live in NYC

But I don’t mind driving up and down.