Heya, I checked the website and couldn’t find anything on this. I personally enjoy tent camping more but a friend of mine wants to bring an RV. So, I was wondering if RV camping is allowed at this site and if there are any hookups at all. I’ll probably still tent it but my friend wants to know about the RV. Thanks

~Groggy =^.^=

the site is RV accessable but i dont think we are going to be allowing RVs because of limited parking space.

however i can say that there are no hookups.

mater of fact, we need to modify and built something to just give the kitchen a sink XD

OK, well, my friends will just have to suck it up for a weekend and camp like real men do, with tents :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there Groggyfox. We will have room for RVs, but as x_pants said, there’s absolutely no hookups onsite. Size is limited to 29 feet in length due to corners.