Room for one more

Hey my name is chris/ dru. I was a new member to cft last year for thosr who might remember. I reside in portland and im going to b picking up xander frost in eugene and i have room for one more if anyome needs it. I only ask for gas money and its a ride there and back.

i wish there was one more spot T^T my mate and i are trying to find a ride from portland to CFT

Hey! You guys are small! Two-for-one!

haha i know right basicly we are two for one XD

Hello. This is ButterBall/Michael Storms/blue “CP” hat & sunglasses guy from last year. If there’s still a spot open, do you think you could head further down to Corvallis? I’ll try to pack light and I can chip in for gas both ways.

Trying, again (sorry for double post). I still haven’t had a response and the registration deadline is creeping up.

Has this been filled?

yes sorry guys my phone crashed and I havnt been able to get on the forum. I most likely have four seats taken up.

Hey Dru, did you get your registration sorted out? If you haven’t already, get in touch with right away. Registration officially closed yesterday so if you still want to come you’ll need to email them immediately.

Im trying. they waid I could register by the 14th. but Im not getting ahold of anyone… :’(

Okay, good, if they said that then you should be fine :3

I got registered!!!

Grats on making it Dru, ya still got any spots available?

ya Im trying but it doesnt seem like anyone needs a spot so we officially have three seats taken. the first one who gets the fourth/fifth (if ur smallish) will be the first one going with us… just dibs it…

is there a spot availible still Dru?

yes the spot is still available, first come first serve. I technically have two spots but its tight… If it comes down to it ill might be able to sqeeze in a fifth…

yes !!!SPOT STILL OPEN!!! no one has claimed it yet but pple have been looking for rides… no one is claiming this one tho. I will be going for set up mabe and stying for tear down definitely…