Ritual Happenings 2024

Greetings, campers!

With summerween having passed it appears to have stirred something in the not so beyond and suddenly, rumors and sightings of strange cryptids have been heard and or seen stalking about the land!

With that in mind, I’d like your help! I’ve heard of some fun and good rituals out there that can either make those cryptids out there more friendly, at best, or at least keep them at bay from any unwanted crashing of camps or fun. If you know of some ritual and would like to share it with the rest of camp then I urge you to help keep our camp safe and fun by sharing it in the following format:

Brief description of your ritual:
The one preforming said ritual:
Location of the ritual to be preformed:
The best time/day your ritual is most effective:

Thank you to anyone that is willing to share your ritual and I look forward to seeing the fun and interesting ways you keep cryptids at bay. :slight_smile:

Title: Oki’s Non-IPA Beer Tasting
Brief description of your ritual: IT RETURNS! Tired of IPAs dominanting the taps? Looking for lessy hoppy alternatives? Come taste a variety of hand selected beers both local and from afar ranging from stouts, fruit ales, pale ales, and more! If you’re looking to broaden your beer tastes, I might have just the ale for you! Bring a cup and bring your water and you better make sure you’ve had a good snack beforehand as well!
Beer list TBD! I may run this similarly to Fake’s cider happenings and have sign ups depending on how many beers I acquire.
The one preforming said ritual: Oki
The best time/day your ritual is most effective: Friday afternoon? Maybe around 3pm?

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Title: Pin Trade
Brief description of your ritual: Got too many enamel pins and not enough ways to show them off? Let’s do a trade happening! Bring however many pins you want, show off your favorites and trade ones you’re less fond of, lets make some pin pals!
The one preforming said ritual: Oki
The best time/day your ritual is most effective: Late Saturday morning, maybe 11am? After breakfast for sure.

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Making Your Mark!
Come on by with your artful spirit to draw, carve, and print a stamp! Supplies will be provided, pencils, paper, rubber, carving tools, and ink pads, but if you have your own, that’s always greatly appreciated!
DogChomp will be leading this ritual on Saturday after breakfast!

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Title: Make a Solar Lantern
Brief description of your ritual: Make and decorate a solar-powered lantern to ward off (or attract) nocturnal cryptids. Supplies will be provided, but if you have something you want to light up, bring it. No soldering or electronics skills required.
The one preforming said ritual: Raymond (me)
Location of the ritual to be preformed: I was thinking the tables by the kitchen, but anyplace with tables in the shade would work
The best time/day your ritual is most effective: Friday 2PM - 4PM, and Saturday too if I have leftover supplies

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I have two proposed rituals:

Title: Cryptid Journal Making
Brief description of your ritual: Spot a cryptid, log a cryptid! Learn to make a small field journal with simple book binding techniques to log ceyptid activity, take notes, and make field drawings.
The one preforming said ritual: Markha
The best time/day your ritual is most effective: first day of the con, mid morning or early afternoon

Title: Cryptid “Sign” Making
Brief description of your ritual: Make monotyped anthograms using elements from nature and the power of the sun to make unique images. Use the resulting prints to repel (or attract) cryptid critters!
The one preforming said ritual: Markha
The best time/day your ritual is most effective: mid-day any day of the con (ideally before the last day)

Happy to do either or both of these!

memory jar ritual

come to our comfy spellcrafting camp anytime during the day. pick up a small spell jar. receive guidance from the animals. take your jar, go with your loved ones and new friends, explore nature. look at the dirt under your paws.

throughout your day, find very small objects-- twigs, pebbles, berries, leaves, sap, etc-- choose the things that hold memories of your time exploring the material and immaterial world

when the moon rises, return to the animal’s spell camp, sit with your new friends, hold space for them and yourself. listen and hear

fill your spell jars with your precious objects that hold the memories of your day and experience. if you wish, share your story and listen with the others. evoking your shared intention, you create eternal bonds with yourself and your surroundings. completing the seal, your cft memory jar will live with you and in your heart forever <3


host’s camp

gather spell jars whenever you wish, they will be left in the open with instructions even if no host is at camp

memory jar spell crafting-
after the sun sets, multiple nights. times/days will be confirmed and communicated at con. you can complete your spell jar in your own time in your own space as seen fit as well


Calling all fur-tastic cryptid enthusiasts! :paw_prints::sparkles: Get ready to unleash your inner mystery and join us at the Barter Bog, where the shadows come alive and the creatures of legend roam free!
:evergreen_tree::bat: Whether you’re trading tales of the Mothman or swapping secrets of Sasquatch sightings, this is the place to be. Let’s barter, banter, and embrace the opportunity to enjoy each others company! See you there, fellow friends and fiends!

:paw_prints::sparkles: As we embark on our adventure to the Barter Bog, let’s remember to keep the spirit of trading alive and well! Here are a few ground rules to ensure a fair and fantastic exchange:

  1. Only trade items that are easily bartered, such as artwork, clothing, snacks, and more. Let’s keep it fun and manageable!
  2. Please refrain from offering items that are too big or impractical for trade, like sound systems or vehicles. Let’s stick to items we can easily carry and exchange.
  3. No IOUs or promises for future services. What you see is what you get, right here, right now!
  4. Once you shake on a deal, it’s sealed! Until that handshake, nothing is set in stone. But once it’s done, both parties are committed to the trade.
  5. Remember, verbal confirmation of the handshake is just as binding for those who prefer not to shake hands.

Let’s make the Barter Bog a place of fair trades, good vibes, and unforgettable memories! See you there, fellow cryptid traders! :evergreen_tree::footprints:

#FairTradeOnly #BarterBogBound

Please give a response to this posting if you want to attend, so I can make sure there is adequate space for everyone to enjoy themselves! This can be done at any time after the first day, to easily fit in with other activities.