Ride offer from King/SnoCo County( Seattle )

Will be coming down I-5 from Granite Falls the 29th or early morning 30th. Vehicle will be something that can handle the terrain and space for gear. Anyone interested, let me know. Usual stuff applies - don’t be on the bad spectrum of crazy and split gas :wink: If anything changes, you will be immediately updated.

Also, can pick up furs along the way.

I’m in Tacoma WA and would be more than willing to split gas. I have an average sized plastic frame pack that I’m taking with me but that’s my only cargo.

Sounds good. I’m thinking leave here early on the 29th or 30th, kind of up to whoever wants to go. Definitely want to get there before the sun sets :smile:

We still have some time and I’m going to get some things lined up considering I don’t have a lick of gear for roughing it( techie ) but I can pick ya up!

Update 5:

Vehicle will be available from the 29th of July to the 3rd of August - A Ford Edge, Explorer or possibly something larger. There are one or two spots available in the vehicle now( waiting on confirmation ) if anyone needs a lift along the way.

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Looking forward to a great time ^ ^

I have these days requested and confirmed off for work. Looking forward to riding with you.

Awesome. Still set on this end.

Do you have room to fit one more? Still trying to get a ride to and from con. Can easily meet up anywhere in Portland and would be more than willing to assist with gas.

I think so. Sounds like I have a total of four, including me. Anyone that is set to ride with, please let me know so I can get an accurate head count.

We are at three occupants in the vehicle( myself included ). If anyone still needs a pickup along I-5, let me know. Last post regarding travel!