Ride available, one seat. Starting in Tacoma and willing to make a stop along I-5

I have one seat available in my Isuzu Vehicross. I have room for cargo as the rear seat will be folded. Should be more than enough space but I’ll work out specifics with any interested parties. I will use the trip meter on my odometer and receipts to work out gas share. I will only hold you responsible for gas burned while you were a passenger.

To be a bit clearer:
Heading to CFT on the 4th with plans to depart Tacoma by 9am and be at camp by 3pm. I will be taking I-5 with some key cities on my route being Olympia and Portland. I would also be willing to stop at any other small cities along I-5 on my way down. I will be heading back Monday and expect to have the car loaded and ready to go by noon if not earlier. With the back seat folded to handle cargo I’m afraid I won’t have space for any animals.

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Hi @shadowterm!

A couple of good things to note in your post:

  • Where are you departing from?
  • What cities are on your route to camp?
  • What day are you going?
  • What day are you returning?
  • Pet friendly?


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