Request for general help

On the 18th, I go to OHSU for surgery for a few things ( Ask if you want to know the details, if you don’t already. ) and, providing everything goes well, I should be at CFT. However, depending how well I’ve healed and such by then, I’ll probably need a bit of help lifting/moving things. Nothing too serious, like maybe helping set up and break down my tent, which is super easy, just not sure if I’ll be able to do it by myself. Not totally sure on anything else, just want to see who all is willing to help.

<3 you all

I’m sure you’ve only to throw the word ‘jump’ in a general direction and somebody will readily ask, “how high?” Certainly so if you were to wave down a passing long haired wino.

XD Well, I’d rather have a few names of people I could ask for, but yeah, as a last resort I’ll ask whomever.

I’d be glad to help you out if I ever get the opportunity :3

I am Spartacus!

I mean, Scruffy. I should be there Aug 1-6, more than happy to help.

I understand, I’m having surgery later this year myself (this will be my last con for a while). I’ll help if I can.

Shinisuryu has been attending my events since it was just 12 people is a yurt. He is one of my most faithful patrons and a true friend of CFT, worthy of every ounce of help he can get

Awww blushes <3

Thanks everyone! Hopefully I won’t be too screwed with moving. Also, if you’re reading this, any positive energy/good thoughts of me on the 18th would be amazing. <3