Registration offers delayed until Wednesday, May 24th 2017

The first round of sign-ups has closed, but the sending of registration offers is delayed until Wednesday, May 24th, 2017.

Most of those (in the queue) who don’t get an offer on the 24th will get their offer on Friday, May 26th.

You can check your place in the queue by signing in to the registration system at

(Some last-minute integration work is outstanding before we can accept payments. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Note: If you’re not in the queue yet, go sign up so you’ll get added next week. Also, just because you’re near the end of the queue doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at going. We expect that there will be a good handful of spots that trickle down in the next week, and a handful more after reserved spots expire next month.

:warning:️ UPDATE: Registration offers will go out later today, Wednesday, May 24th.

Because the total number of first week of sign-ups came in just under the cap (after accounting for staff), we will be enabling registration today for everyone who signed up during the first week and is currently “In Queue.”

If you’re “In Queue” now, you will have from later today until Monday, May 29th at 6:00AM to complete your registration. (We’ll send a notification by email when registration is enabled for you.)

If you don’t complete your registration before then, you will be shuffled back into the queue amongst people who have signed up this week.

If you remember me from 2014 you know that I’m willing to volunteer like last time. (maybe more depending on what happens) I’m trying to make sure my boyfriend (ScritchGratch_Cipher) makes it into CFT. But when I registered and paid there was no way to sign him up as my +1 and my dog?

Hey there! I’ve sent a PM to @ScritchGratch_Cipher

Thank you very much we are planning on helping with set up and break down. And with whatever happens on the way.