Registration for Campfire Tails 2015 Opens at 7pm on Wednesday, June 24th!

Mark your calendars!

Sorry about the wait, everyone.

Registration will open at 7pm Pacific time, this Wednesday.

As before, in order to register you’ll need to have an account here. You will also need either your own PayPal account in good standing, or a friend with a PayPal account in good standing.

The new system includes a feature where you can generate a link to let somebody else pay for your registration, after you’ve filled in your details. Please use this instead of sharing your password!

To register

Once registration is open, go to

A reminder

Campfire Tails does not accept any form of offline payment for registration under any circumstances.

There are no members of CFT staff that are authorized to accept registration payments.

The option to have somebody else pay will be enabled soon.