Registration/Accounts System Issues

So, we just launched the shiny new forum with the first release of the registration/accounts system. There are problems, some of them known to us.

Found a new problem? Reply to this thread, or if things are really broken and you can’t sign in or create an account, shoot me an email at

Known Issues

  • No way to register without your own PayPal account.
    A planned option to let you generate a link so a friend can pay on your behalf did not make it into the initial launch version of the system. It will be added soon.

  • No directory on the forum of who has registered.
    A feature missing from the old registration system was that it would put people who had registered into a group in the forum, enabling the forum to act as a directory of who’s going. We’ll enable something similar based on Badges in Discourse, soon.

  • Password suggestions are missing in the account creation view.
    If you enter a really bad password it’s supposed to suggest a better one in the account creation view, like it does when resetting or changing your password. Right now it only shows the error message(s) and not the randomly generated suggestion.

  • Registration isn’t open.
    Have patience! There will be plenty of time to register before this year’s event. :smile:

  • Account Creation is disabled.

  • You can’t change the email associated with your account.

  • There is no UI for changing your password once you’re logged in.
    Workaround: log out and use the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to reset your account.

  • After logging in *from* the forum, you don’t always get redirected back to the forum.
    Workaround: click ‘Home’ then click the big green button to go to the forum.

I think I’ve fixed this. Please post if you encounter this behavior.

Can’t navigate here from the website. Still can’t navigate this awful formatting either lol

Fixed. (No announcement posted yet, though.)

Is registration going to be up soon? Maybe get some assistance if things are a little over whelming.

Registration will be up in a functional but non-ideal form very, very soon.

The overwhelming thing was some intricacies with how accounts are created and how multiple accounts in the process of being created (or changing email addresses) interacted. I’m doing final testing of that stuff right now.

(For any programmers reading this who are wondering why that’d be problematic on the order of taking several weekends to finish: It’s a subtle but core feature of the system that it never leaks whether an email address is associated with any accounts, except to a user who has confirmed ownership of the address, and in emails to that address. This complicates things a bit. :sweat_smile:)

Account creation is open, you can now change your password without doing an account reset, and you can now change your associated email address.

We will enable registration really, really soon. :grinning:

Registration is now open!

The option to let you generate a link for somebody else to pay is coming in the next update, which will be later this week.