Reg question

Is it possible to get, for example, the basic reg, then upgrade to a higher level later? Kind of like reserving a place. XD

In the interest of keeping our accounting lion happy and sane, I’d really prefer that people not do this.
(Or in general, things that involve there being more than one real payment per registration.)

However, I see no good reason to turn down the contribution if someone registers then later decides they’d like to be a sponsor or patron of Campfire Tails. So, if you register then want to pay the difference and upgrade, let us know and be ready to send the payment before July 1st.

(We’ll still take the contribution after July 1st, but can’t guarantee that you’ll get all the goodies normally given to sponsors/patrons.)

Okies. I’ll just wait then.


Is that so?

[quote=“Shinisuryu, post:5, topic:242”][quote author=Koda link=topic=232.msg1773#msg1773 date=1297836295]

Is that so?[/quote]

Haha posted in the wrong topic and I had to put something in the post.

Haha, ok.