Red Camp Generator Usage

Hello fellow campers!

I had a couple people reach out on the telegram group looking for power hookup for their events around red camp. At the Dragon Heights camp I will have a 3100w inverter generator along with 2400wh battery box/solar generator. You are welcome to hook up to it if you can get an extension cord to our power setup, but please be aware of the following:

  • Post here or chat with @Jondisaurus on telegram about your power needs before or early at camp. If you would like power for something other than LED lighting or quiet audio please let Jondi know as soon as possible so we can figure it out early.
  • We will not be able to supply extensions cords and ask you bring at least one very long (50-100ft) to reach your camp
  • Please bring at least 1 extra outlet strip for either the generator or at your camp
  • You will be responsible for burying your own extension cord in walkways and managing the potential trip hazards of your cord(s) - We will have a shovel and metal rake available to borrow
  • While not required we ask that you either bring a filled gas can with regular unleaded gas for the generator, or volunteer to run in to town to refuel ours.
  • Power will be available 24 hours, but is subject to usually short outages due to generator refueling/ battery charging/ general mishaps

Thanks a lot! It’s nice to know it’ll be there if we need it.

This was posted in the telegram group.

Generators will only be allowed when fully contained in the bed of a pickup truck or in an area that has been cleared, at least ten feet in diameter, of all flammable material.

i can give u some Donations for refueling, i was hoping to charge a few vape batteries <3

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