Rattle Can Passenger Seat Taken!

Last year, no one dared brave the now infamous Rattle Can! She was offended and cut me for it, and bashed me upon the head with such force to make me bleed. “This is your fault for lack of shameless self promotion” she said as she took a shot at my chromoly spheres. I blocked this, at the cost of skin on my knuckles.

However, this year, the kind and amazing Oaken has saved my spheres and my flesh by agreeing to ride along! We all shall arrive, shiny and chrome! Some with more chrome than others! (provided we don’t get bent over a rail by the lotto system)

Fursuits are welcome to use the car for photo ops btw. I got a lot of requests and getting things together to make it work lead to a lot of fail. So… this year i’m going to schedule a time where people can photo op with the d00f Phoenix!

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