Okay, having just turned 18 a few months back I’ve finally convinced myself to go to a convention or whatever. I’ve never met anyone else that was a legit furry before, and I’m not even going to try to explain it to my gf at this point. I just thought I would ask a few questions, in no particular order, before I commit to heading up.

In normal social circumstances, I am not shy at ALL. However up to this point I have been extremely leery of “revealing my inner self” as it were. If I were to head up alone, would it be awkward?

I have no furry character, no artistic talent, and no fursuit. Should I go anyway?

Will there be booze?

Since the $40 includes cold breakfast/lunches and hot dinners, do I have to bring any food other than munchies?

Is paying $60 worth it?

Anyone need a ride from California East bay?

How much extra cash should I bring?

Sorry for all the questions (and I think I may have rambled a bit). I’ve never done anything like this before and I just want to know what I’m getting myself into. I mostly want to go because I have never met anyone like me before, and it will probably be a good experience to open up a bit.


I’ll try to answer these in the order you asked!

I certainly don’t think it’s awkward. In general the bulk of the people you find here will by and large just be like regular people, albeit a little more outwardly friendly. Sure there’s people attending who fall on most degrees of the ‘fuzzy’ spectrum, as it were, but by and large, we’re just regular folks who have something in common! :slight_smile:

BYOB, but we will be checking people’s ID when they check-in and giving wristbands to those who are over 21 so those who choose to serve can see who is okay to serve to.

If you like coffee or tea, bring it! That and any must-have snacks, we will be including some general munchies, such as nuts, dried and fresh fruit and chips, etc.

$60 gets you a tshirt and a bonus hot meal, but more than just a shirt, it is going to be hand-airbrushed with our year’s graphic. Each shirt will be unique and one of a kind in their own way!

A good place to post about offering a ride would be in the carpooling/gear exchange subforum! There’s a few people from the bay area, south of there towards LA and at least one or two people interested in coming from sacramento, so finding a carpool shouldn’t be terribly difficult!

As for cash, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra just in case you forgot something and have to make a run into La Pine to get it, or if someone’s holding a workshop and is taking donations. Really just plan to have a little extra, both for a ‘just in case’ scenario. Outside of that, you don’t need to bring much else aside from yourself, and some basic camping gear listed in the carpooling/gear exchange subforum!

Thanks for the info! I still have to make plans to be gone on august 5-9, request time off work, ect. But I cant wait to go, and it sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. ill go post in the other subforum about rides right now.