Question about Pets

So, not sure if this has been covered (I did a forum-search for it, and scoured the main site), but are there any rules in place regarding pets? I know that with normal cons it’s not allowed because they’re located in hotels, but since this is on a camping site…? Issue is that if we can’t bring our two dogs, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to make it. We don’t have any buddies here in Oregon (we’re pretty new), and they’re both on a RAW diet, so putting them in a boarding kennel is out of the question (besides the fact that mine would probably die of separation anxiety).

Of course common-sense rules would apply (keeping them under control, picking up after them, etc), but I don’t know if this has been addressed at all yet. :0 Thanks for any insight!

Currently as things stand our pet policy mirrors that of the Deschutes National Forest. Pets need to have their licensing and shots current, and liability for pets extends to their owners.