Hi, guys! Some of you have already seen the cover art I did for this year’s conbook - but if you haven’t, you can take a peek at it here:
…and, I am thinking about making some large (11x17) prints of the image to have for sale at CFT. :slight_smile:

Question for you all: is anybody interested in pre-ordering one? Via Paypal only, by Aug. 1st, they’d be $8 instead of $10! This would help me greatly to offset the cost of printing, as well as give me some clue as to how many I should get printed. :slight_smile: Feel free to let me know if you’d be interested in buying one there for $10, too.

Oh and Crowley, if I do manage to get these made, you get one for free 8)

Memememememe! I’ll preorder one.

Can I pay you for one anyways? I think this is the best conbook cover we’ve ever had.

Oh dude, I want one. I absolutely LOVE this cover.

yes yes a thousand times yes.

Oh, crap! For some reason I didn’t get any email notifications for replies like I usually do. :o Awesome, I’m glad you guys are interested! If you want to preorder one, please send $8 to electric z gecko @ g mail z . com (remove the spaces and Z’s!) via Paypal and tell me your name in the comments (either as it appears here on the forum, or will appear on your CFT badge) and I’ll have one saved for you. :slight_smile: Thanks everybody!!

Done =D thank you ^^ this will be a great poster that i will have framed and put on the wall along side my Karma Citra one ^o^

sent! also the replies are probably in your spam folder.

Sent. This will look awesome in my den.

I’m broke until con time unfortunately, but paying two more bucks sounds plenty worth it to me.

Kazuma, BlackWolf and Mopar - I got your monies, you are set, thank you!

I also went and got the prints made today, on 11x17 ivory cardstock. If I don’t say so myself, I think they turned out -nice-! Still two days left to pre-order for $8… :wink:

Totes gettin’ one. Pre-ordering now…

sending money shortly!

Maow, Comoatoes, and Anna, thank you!! ;D

Hey oCe, I didn’t grab mine at the con, can you mail it to me? I PMed you my address.