Post-CFT 2015 Contact information

Just a contact thread for those of us who occasionally check the forums!

I was TerracottaFoxie by badge and James by name. The guy with long hair, glasses, wrap/tie pants, a bag of wine, and a tendency to wander between camps at all hours.

Primary contact is through Steam or Twitter.

FA: littledionysus
AIM: littledionysus
Skype: littledionysus
Steam: littledionysus
XBox Live: TerracottaFox
PSN: terracottafoxie
Twitter: littledionysus
Facebook: Justa Heathen

FA: Shadowterm
Steam: Shadowterm
Skype: Shadowterm42
Twitter: Shadowterm

I was the tall loud guy with long brown hair, green eyes, and Seasalt spots sunburned into his back at Nevada Camp.

I was the uninteresting guy going by Nicholas, or Grau, over making big fires at our camp and driving firewood around, hanging out with SteveFoxx, BennetFox TonicBH, Malachiae(sp) and others.
We were in the camp with the big green tent, white ez-up and little orange tent to the side near red camp’s wood pile.

FA: NicholasDaMally
Steam: DaMoot

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Maow here, I hung with new peeps pretty much each day and night, so here I am!
FB: Todd Crump
Twitter: MaowFox
Skype: todd-crump
Steam: SlaughterDog

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amenophis on FA, but i also do IMs, skype and telegram.

uh… I guess the guy with ice cream, white led bird, glowy teddy bear, foam cushions.


Fa : Thrash
Dalmatian fursuit
had the small husky like puppy

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Hello! I am Pe Low! I was mostly in the kitchen. I was the black wolf ‘terrorizing’ & hugging peoples! :wink:
FA: Pe Low
FB: Pe Low
Skype: Pelow…

Thank you all for the good times and amazing conversations!

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Hi! Nogohoho here. Or just Nogo. I was the guy with rectangular black glasses and a goatee. I am Kiyda’s husband. Feel free to contact me to connect with her if you missed trading info with her. :smiley:
I have:
Facebooks: Travis Porter
Steam: Nogohoho

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I’m Hawkfeather, the tall skinny guy with the goatee running around in circles at the kitchen all the time. I know I didn’t get to meet a whole bunch of folks while I was slinging food, but if you’re interested here is my info:

FA: Hawkfeather (very quiet there)
Twitter: Hawkfeather13
Steam: Hawkfeather13

since it’s on fa:


Hi, I’m Mnty pronounced Minty, the wandering Caribou that one the bathroom votes. Brown hair with thickish framed glasses and a beard. I spent most of my time at the tables doodling or something.

FA: Mnty
Twitter: Mntys

Riley the Dingo - The well-dressed gentleman of the waterfall and lab coat-wearing alcohol fiend.

FA: 12inchfallacy
Steam: 12inchfallacy
FB: Riley Clawson (Not broadcasting the furry thing on there due to my job and family. If you friend me, please do so with a subtle account)

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Yo, 'tis ButterBall, the dude with the blond ponytail and cool (at least I think so) shirts. Was camping out in Jungle Juice camp.

FA: ButterBall0
Steam: ButterBall
Skype: butterball0
PSN: mickprod

Hey, this is Miles Rose, a wiggly blue otter many may have met/seen once again a lot around the safety tent.

My contacts:
Telegram & Twitter: @Milesrose
Facebook: Miles Rose
Steam: Milesrose


Steve Foxx here - that knucklehead who attacked that cord-wood with a maul and a desire for easy-to-use firewood? Guilty as charged.

Twitter: stevefoxx


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Hi, I’m oCe! 5’6" female-ish person, mousy brown/blond ponytail, was often wearing a lot of lime green and/or a fuzzy leopard-print robe and fleece ocelot hat at night. You may have met/seen me:

-during the daytime, at the waterfall or passed out in a lump from the heat
-in the evenings, running around like a headless chicken, trying to execute Too Many Projects (glowy burner camp setup, rocketship temple) while it was not a million degrees out
-late at night, inebriated & lounging or dancing in costumes: this year the green elwire luna moth with “flame” staff, and floppy-ear’d coyote fursuit with welding goggles & lab coat. (Didn’t get to wear my elwire phoenix this year, sadly, 'cuz I ran out of energy… :c Next year!)

FA: oCe
Twitter: artbyoCe
Gmail: electricgecko
AIM: ask me! (in a PM or email)

Hey I’m Oki! I grilled your dinner (except the burgers!) and made those goofy little trophies!

Weasyl: owarwolf
Twitter: Okers

I’m basically Devin. You might remember me as the cause of much deafening mic feedback during our Closing Ceremonies.

AIM: Dodecadevin yeah that’s right i still use AIM
IRC-furnet: Devin
CFT forums: yeah
Twitter: what’s that?

Bluenightwolf30 here you all were great to be around wish that could be a town to live in CFT wished I talk myself into opening up more
would love to hang out do something
Twitter Bluewolf Alpha
Google Bluewolf Alpha
And I’ll be at rainforest and CFT if my Work lets me

Tyco here. Spotted skunk from Reno, NV. I was grouped with the other Reno folks over in “Nevada camp,” with our blue Nevada state flag flying. Spent most of my time lazing around my camp, lazing around in the waterfall, or socializing with random people. A CFT well-spent.

Twitter: tycoskunk
FA: Tyco