Possible Things for 2017

  1. Cider Tasting 2 - Electric Boogaloo.
    -This one was quite a bit of fun last year. I’d like to bring a full new spread of apply goodness if enough folks were interested.

  2. Some kind of meet and greet.
    -Just thinking that it might be nice to have a bit of time just to make introductions and meet folks new and old. Not quite sure how to do it. Maybe some sort of social scavenger hunt? Or perhaps just the good old fashioned stand in a circle and say something about yourself and where you come from kind of deal. Other ideas would be appreciated.

  3. Suits for swimming.
    -Formal dress should be required for an official board meeting in the river. We can discuss how to create synergy with positive core competency to empower our forward thinking outlook.

  4. Story Telling / Song Singing / (naughty) Poetry Slam
    -Get people to bring a 5-10 minute something to read. Have fun with words.

  5. CFT Jam Band.
    - There was a lot of musical talent last year. We could set up a list of songs to know before hand so people could play together when they show up. If we had enough of a band, we could hold an impromptu performance.

  6. Hike!
    -Find a cool thing and walk to it as a group.

  7. More Board Games
    -Last year was great. I got to play quite a few that I’d never done before.

  8. ???
    - Dunno, but there’s lots of room for things. I know it’s a bit early to speculate, with the entrance lottery and all, but what would you folks like to see this year?

I loved the cider tasting last year! It was very fun and informational and I would love to have it back!

Good to know! I’d like to find some new and exciting ciders to bring this year.

Thumbs up to most of these ideas. The cider tasting was a LOT of fun last year, but maybe this time we should aim for having it at the Tavern? Tavern seemed underused (whenever I checked, anyway), and that way we can have Round 2 of Irish Drinking Songs. :wink:

I’m up for a hike, too. And board games, so long as they’re not ridiculously complicated. <3 My favorite are team-based and traitor-style games, so if any of those come up, count me in!

Yeah. Last time I had no clue where it was until the final day XD . . . Hopefully this time I’ll figure out when and where works best for the event. Also, I’ll learn as many songs as I can, and perhaps bring the lyrics this time.

Yeah, party games are great for these kinds of things. Might just bring some paper and do some improv pictionary.

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