Pokemon Campfire Battles

I’m curious just how many people are bringing classic pokemon games. I know I’ll be bringing a gameboy pocket and link cable with pokemon red and blue carts along with a 3DS with pokemon red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, and crystal.

Who knows, maybe if there’s enough people we can try to organize some sort of tournament? Maybe start new games jist for CFT?

If anyone else has HeartGold or SoulSilver, maybe we could get some Pokeatholon games going?

I’m going to be bringing my R,B,Y for my GBP as well as a link cable and a Super Game Boy 2 if anyone has a SNES and TV and wants to play through that.

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Lets try to fill put our pokedexs!

I have my GBC and a link cable. I’ll dig it out and whatever old pkmn carts I have. I think I have yellow and crystal.

Heck, last time I fired up red and blue, neither had saved games, I’ll bring them though :yum:

Thats probably a dead battery. Thets a pretty cheap and easy fix. Can be quick, too, if you jist use electrical tape instead of soldering

Sorry for the last minute notice, but I’ll be happy to put replacement batteries into peoples’ pokemon games at-camp! Bring them all! I already have the batteries and all the tools, and I can even do it while preserving your existing saves if they haven’t been lost yet.

I can re-do the batteries in all games in the series, both games from the 90s and games from the 2000s.