[Pictures] Mah pictures!

Yeah, there’s a ton of nature ones, I figured others would take enough of the rest to make it equal. XD


They’ve been resized to make it easier to upload, if anyone wants certain originals, feel free to ask.

Well, apparently youtube hates me, I can’t unlist the videos. I’ll link the one that’s safe and might link the other later once I make sure the people in it are ok with it being public.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CDcGOAST0I Just a little video I took of the swimming/bathing pools.

The bathroom wall pictures at the end are cracking me the fuck up.


That creek was the only way I kept even remotely clean, I never did use the showers. Wish I had gotten to see the waterfall.

Yeah, I didn’t bother with the showers, I liked the creek.