Phew. What a week!

Phew. What a week!

A huge Thank You! to all of the industrious and creative critters that not only make Campfire Tails possible, but keep it running for the week and make it a blast for newcomers such as SteveFoxx and myself (NicholasDaMally). We were pleased to find a very different con-going experience than the usual hotel con meh-ness. Didn’t wander and mingle as much as we wanted to, but got enough of it in to enjoy it all.

We’ve been tossing some ideas back and forth for next year and were wondering if the forum would be the appropriate place to submit such thoughts for discussion?

Hope to be seeing some of you before next year, but for the rest, we’ll definitely be back! Weather and conditions permitting, the fire will be bigger (and thus automatically better) and there will be kibble. Oh, such wonderful kibble.

I also have a huge, high-res panorama of the wood pile and kitchen/conops area I’m trying to find out how to make viewable on a PC (taken with Galaxy 6 Edge). Have a few pics as well I’ll post up sometime.

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Feel free to offer up any feedback you have. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Forum is a great place for discussing your ideas :3 And thanks so much for all your help with the wood pile and Casino tent! Can’t wait to have you back next year!