Paulina Lake Hot Springs - 2017 Redux

To start, I’ll summarize what is in the topic from last year~!

It has some very great points:

  • We ask that you check in with staff with a list of all going and have a way to contact us in case of emergency!
  • Keeping channels open with Base is important!
  • Good shoes will also be a must, since the trail crosses an obsidian flow.
  • Have an entrenching tool for the group, and either a bucket or a tarp to ferry cold water from the lake.
  • More shovels would be good if people have them.
  • Cell service is spotty, but available.

Direction-wise there’s good info as well:

  • Deschutes National Forest, no entry fee required.

  • The trail-head to use is the Little Crater Campground parking area at (43.718070, -121.241027)

  • The hot springs area is around (43.732833, -121.251300)

  • [(43.731946, -121.255689) based on the directions]

  • About 1 to 1.5 miles each way, conservatively.

  • A word of caution to anyone interested - it is about a mile and a half light hike each way. No significant elevation gain in the hike, but a few parts are narrow enough, with a long enough drop, to be a touch unnerving if you aren’t 100% confident in your balance.

  • We advise against this outing if you’re significantly drunk on departure, or plan on drinking significant amounts at the lake. There are spaces in which anything less than a sure-foot could cause a disaster, please judge your sobriety responsibility.

Very excited for this year!!! :3~


What is this? Like a hiking trip?

Yep! Most years, a small group of folk go off-site and hike up to the natural hot-springs that are near the north part of the lake. It’s one of those springs that you dig your own bath and balance it out with colder water from the lake.

Effort, but those stars though… :slight_smile:

I might have to abduct you to force you to go this year :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please do; I keep missing it each year! x3~~

This sounds like a lot of fun. I might go.

hey boulder, kick my butt this year, i wanna go with you guys out there,. it seems real cool!

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Actually, it’s quite hot. Like, burn you if you’re not careful hot. It’s by no means cool.

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Sounds like a good excuse for a hike with a great reward at the end. We can attempt to appease the volcano gods . . . or just have a nice soak after digging out some cinders.

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