Sorry if this has been covered someplace…So if we’re driving to the event, do we drive straight to the campsite and park on-site? I was wondering if the charter bus was an option because we will be parking in those places. Thanks.

Consider this a placeholder reply until I have some hard numbers for you.

This friday a handful of staff and myself will be headed out to the site with some surveying tools to draw up as detailed a map as we can. This is when we’ll be determining placement parking and will have definite answers for where cars go, how many cars we can fit, and other details. There is going to be space available for parking, so long as we leave room for our uhaul truck for gear and emergency vehicles. That being said, however, parking will probably be limited. I highly suggest organizing a carpool or considering the charter bus, which is 100% optional either way!

ALSO! For those planning to fly in, make a thread on the carpooling forum, so we can begin setting you up for a ride to and from the airport. Since redmond airport is just 40 minutes away, it would be feasible to make a trip or two out there to pick people up(or maybe some volunteers from bend to pick you up on the way down). The other option(and probably cheaper) is to fly in to portland, then do the charter bus option.

After visiting the site and assessing the layout we should have more then enough room for parking.

The About page has been updated with a campsite map, and a link to driving directions!