I realize that we did not have site A anymore, and thus our parking space was a little short. However, we weren’t using the parking space we did have very efficiently. We could have fit a few more cars in the area by the kitchen had someone been there to direct people to a spot. I think next year having someone to do that would be useful, since our space will be somewhat limited in proportion to the number of people we could expect.

Weren’t we able to fit more people there last year?

Can’t remember, all I know is if cars were shown where to park, more would fit. :slight_smile:

Could also use spray chalk to mark parking spaces so we know it’s being maximized.

Or a few cheap cones XD

A suggestion that I would like to make as far as con vehicles go:

I for one would like to see a small brightly coloured square (about 4"x11") with a black pawprint on it. Something non-descript, but still identifies your vehicle as a attending vehicle. This would make picking out vehicles that don’t belong in camp a lot easier to identify.

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