PantherPouch at CFT2012


You’re furiendly neighborhood pantherpuss here letting you all know that I am bringing a small supply of PantherPouch items with me!

Where: Well, you’ll be able to find me in the kitchen most of the time during the campout. Pay attention to who I am during opening cerimonies. :3
When: The entire weekend!

CFT Prices:
Gstrings - 12$ each or 20$ for two [various sizes between 28-40]
Jockstraps - 17$ each or 20$ for 2 (very limited supply!) [30-38inch]
Squarecut (purple zebra stripe) - 17$ (only one!)
Squarecut w/ Sidestripe - 23$ each or 40$ for 2 (very limited supply, 28-32)
Squarecut Ringer Style - 25$ (only one!)

Want to buy something you see in the photos before you get to camp? Fire me an email and I’ll see what I can do! If you want to reserve something for pickup from the photo, you will have to PAY before August 1st. :3

Unfortunately, given the time constraints I wont be able to make anything custom for you before the campout. However, if you want something made and shipped to you, feel free to visit my webpage :3

Alright? :3 Kay! :3