Painted Beasts - Artistic Tattoos and Face/Body Painting

Just throwing this very rough idea out there. Tell me what you think. I’m hoping this is a good idea.

So I’m thinking, if this is going to be a con based on art (a mini furry burning man eh?) then I need to break out my art supplies. But screw conventional art methods people, I’m going to do body and face painting. Get as much or as little done as you want and you know what, you don’t even have to have it done by me. I’ll let you guys have some fun painting each other.

There will be a set time that I’ll open up my art “booth”. At that time I’ll have a do-it-yourself painting area where you guys get your own paint applicators and high quality paints used by professional face painters (glycerin based). If you’d rather have a super FX airbrushed look then I’ll have an option where I’ll use high quality professional airbrush tattoo inks (100% non-toxic FDA approved professional quality airbrush inks, fast drying, long lasting and WATERPROOF! They clean up with a little rubbing alcohol and soap). These airbrush tattoos will last at LEAST 24 hours but if taken good care of they can last anywhere from a few days up to 10! I might have some stencils to use as well and if you submit a tattoo idea early I can make you a stencil on the cheap (but limited numbers). Got a specific character you’d like to be painted as? Well bring along a ref sheet (or email me one before hand) and I’ll paint you up just like your fursona. =)

And I’m thinking that for the first special night dance I’ll get some fluorescent airbrush paints so you guys can rock out and rave with back light reactive body art!

These paints are pretty expensive and I would need to get some new airbrushes so I would need some financial help in preparing all this. I was thinking I would ask a modest down payment/preemptive donation from anyone interested in participating, just to help pay for the supplies. These paints are super expensive($12 for under 2 fl. oz., ouch!) so I’m not ordering anything until people can pay/donate. Once I figure out how many people are interested in this idea I‘ll post costs. So for now the costs are NOT posted but you can expect anywhere from $2 for stencils up to $40 for full body painting (if you’re doing the airbrush event). However, I’ll know more about what I need to buy as I get feedback on what you guys are interested in!

So this is just a roll call for now and a testing of the waters. If you’re interested, would you please just leave me a shout-out listing what you would be interested in participating in and how many times you’d want to do something/how many tattoos you’d want? Here’s a recap of what I’m think I’ll offer.

AIRBRUSH EVENT(performed by me):
stencil tattoos:
freehand tattoos:
face/neck paintings:
partial body paintings(like face/neck, arms and legs):
full body painting charge (get as naked as you want, I’m covering every inch I see babeh!):

DO-IT-YOURSELF EVENT(performed by you!):
Access to your own set of brushes/applicators and paints. Go wild!

So hopefully some of y’all will dig this idea. Let me know what you think and what you’re interested in!
Thanks! Stay happy guys!

Quoth the gryphon in Alice in Wonderland: “What fun!”

I am interested in this, as it will add to the epicness.

i’ve already told you but yes this is a fantastic idea :smiley:

Totes interested.

Kick ass! I think there’s enough interest for me to look into pricing! I’ll crunch some numbers and hit you guys back up with another detailed post! In the mean time, if any more people get interested, let me know! I’ll calculate in more airbrushy goodness.


I am totally up for this. I would love to have the full body paint-job done. I’ve always wanted to do this! (be sure to have plenty of blue on hand though x3)

I’d be down for some of this. I might even bring some of my henna tools if you wanted to give henna a try.

I’ve already mentioned this too, but since I’m trying to use these forums more I’ll also restate my interest in this.

I am totally down for body painting and all of the above.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Ok guys! I need to take a roll call in order for me to figure out how much paint I’ll need and how much it’ll cost as well as getting an idea on what people will be interested in so I can make stencils and practice designs and effects.

So I created a paint reserve form for you guys. It’s super fast to fill out, like 5 minutes and gives me all the info I need to get you started and to have the colors you want reserved and ready for you for the happening.

If you fill this form out and pre-pay then you are pretty much guaranteed to have the paints and stencils you want for the happening all ready for you. If you choose not to fill out the form you can still participate, but I may not have enough paints or the right colors and you’ll have to go by first come first served. There’s no requirement to choose one option or the other and you have a nice long time to fill this form out. I’ll keep it up for the next few months
and take it down in june (to insure enough time for shipping).

Here’s the form:
It should redirect you back here when you finish. Please let me know if you find any bugs or issues with the form. Thanks guys!

Hey, this sounds like a rather fun event to take part in. Will there be enouph power and such there to run the air compressors for the air brush? I have my own airbrush and yes… the paints are way spendy. For myself… I would love glow in the dark work for the dance. Like to talk online about where your getting the paints.

Coug has a generator I’m going to ask to use for the event. I’m also looking into solar-power, but I don’t know how much time I’ll have for something like that. I also have a few other options.

You’ve got my IM and cell, message/txt me any time. =)

So it looks like only two people filled out the form BUT they didn’t leave an email, so I have no way of contacting them.

I just want to say again, the paint’s are too expensive for me to just buy them outright on my own. I need your help if I’m going to make this happen guys. I need to know how many people are interested so I can actually have enough paints for you all. I need to know what colors you want, soI can have enough of the right colors. And, I need help paying for the paints and stencils.

I won’t be able to do the event without help here so if you haven’t filled out the form and you’re interested in body painting, please just take 5 minutes to fill it out and leave some form of contact info if you can. Even just a nick on IRC if that’s all you have.

I’m thinking maybe another option might be helpful for people who just don’t want to be that involved and don’t want to request paint or fill out the form but do want to participate during the campout. I created a donate option for my PayPal and you can donate any amount you want. (Note, you can always leave your name when you donate and request specific paints.)

I’m cool with people doing it that way. I’ll see how much money I have, look at what paints people are most interested, and buy the most wanted colors.

Also, I’m totally up for creative suggestions. If you guys have any ideas or feedback, please let me know what’s on your mind!

Filled out the form!

Did you get my response to the survey at all?

Anyone know if this is still going to happen? :3

If you are talking about this kind of airbrushing:

Please sign me up for a red fox. I will pay for each days makeup :slight_smile:


p.s. you can email me at to work out details if you are planning on bringing your airbrush equipment.