Paintball/Airsoft Guns?

Are the allowed or no? :3

I’m gonna say no. For one, we don’t want to litter and no one wants to find and collect all the pellets/paint casings. Two, I for one know how easy it is for airsoft guns to look real to those who aren’t familiar with guns so it could risk a bit of panic to anyone who doesn’t realize it’s a pellet gun.

I think it would be best that they’re left at home.

ok was just wondering

No problem, it’s always good to ask :>

Bring a water gun though!!

Water guns are definitely a good thing to bring

Then I will definitely bring a water gun =p 8)

Adapts his paintball marker to a high-pressure water cannon

Forgetting a squirt gun was my biggest regret last year.

I’ll be sure to grab myself a bad-ass one before i leave =p any suggestions?

Another reason you shouldn’t have paintballs is because you’d have to bring netting. You can’t just do it out there because people will be hit if they wander too close.