Packmules Needed!

We need people to bring some stuff to camp! We’ve acquired a few new items to bring to camp, nothing huge, so much as a bunch of small things. If anyone is coming out in a truck, van or jeep to help us set up, and has some extra space to carry gear, let us know!

I have an old 4-runner, which is an SUV rather than an actual pickup truck. Once my vehicle is unloaded, it can certainly be used to schlep gear from the storage in Bend. But it’ll be full on the way to camp, so I can’t really bring anything from further away.

Keep in mind, being an SUV, whatever goes in has to fit within, or be able to be lashed to the roof rails. It can carry a good load of stuff (albeit slowly with its gutless old engine).
I’ll be arriving Thursday, and should have my vehicle unloaded by about 3pm.

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Hey, @Crowley, you should probably specify where the stuff is coming from. (I think we have the to/from Bend part covered with the U-Haul.)

If there’s a time that the stuff needs to be delivered by, that would also be good to know. We’re driving in from Seattle with a large cargo van, and will have plenty of room, but will not be arriving until Thursday afternoon.

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@tyco I should have been more clear haha This is delivering from Portland to LaPine. @crankycoyote I’ll let you know! Some items definitely have to go, and some definitely can wait. I’ll put together a list.