Oregon nudity law

I am sorry people but I have been looking around for some time on this one, our Campground has no public nudity laws in it. Meaning it is illegal for us to be nude in public even at the swim hole. I am asking volunteers for tarps so we could set up our own nudist area. We cannot have our genitalia out in the open this is a state law it is illegal for that unless the State Parks have it posted in the open. PS. The last thing we need to deal with is the digital age (one photo) everyone in that photo gets charged for violating state law

Hmmm - according to the link, it isn’t state law but rather local law. Also from the article:

    The most lenient places you'll find
lie within the National Forests of the
Pacific Northwest. Nudity is still
banned in "developed recreation sites,"
like campgrounds and day use areas, but
according to the U.S. Forest Service,
there's absolutely no policy against
hiking nude in the wilder parts of the

So the current rule about no nudity in the camp ‘covers’ the issue of being in a developed recreation site, but the swimming hole is not in the campground. The only issue would be if outsiders start showing up which has been an increasing issue.

And I really doubt anybody is going to be arrested for this.

I’m sorry people but I might not be able to do anything with CFT for a while. I have a problem within 6 months I have lost both of my folks to terminal cancer. I have to deal with legal and medical stuff at the moment