"Order Up!": CFT 2017 Menu


I’m real excited to be back at the helm along with @x_panther to bring everyone another delicious menu!
Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to all the volunteers who’ve already signed up to help in the kitchen. The gang (@OkiWolf, @Pe_Low) and I are stoked to work with y’all. We couldn’t run this ship without your help!

A couple of quick announcements!
I’d like to welcome @DruAnderson to the crew! They’ll be heading up our Attendee/Sponsor Breakfast and Lunch services. We’re excited to have you on board, Dru!
On a bittersweet note, I’d like to bid farewell to our dearest @Hawkfeather, one of our kitchen heroes. Thank you for all the years of hard work, Hawk!
Please swing by the dining area during Sunday’s lunch service and help us give them a proper send-off!


Dinner (Campwide)
Abuela’s Cuban-style Picadillo with Seasoned Black Beans & Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice (vg)


Breakfast (Attendee & Sponsor)
Cereal Bar with Fresh Fruit
Breakfast (Patron)
Blackberry Pancakes with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon or Fresh Fruit (vg)

Lunch (Attendee)
Sandwich Bar with Choice of Deli Meats, Fresh Veggies, and Condiments
Lunch (Sponsor & Patron)
Xander’s Zesty Mac & Cheese
My Roommate’s Vegan Mac & Cheese (vg)

Dinner (Campwide)
Beau’s Burgers with Street-style Elotes
Caprese Polenta Burgers with Street-style Elotes (vg)


Breakfast (Attendee & Sponsor)
Granola Bar with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit
Breakfast (Patron)
Breakfast Burritos with choice of Chorizo or Veggie Scramble (vg)

Lunch (Attendee)
Sandwich Bar with Choice of Deli Meats, Fresh Veggies, and Condiments
Lunch (Sponsor & Patron)
Grilled Bratwursts with Beer-Caramelized Onions and Coleslaw
BBQ “Pulled Pork” Sandwiches with Coleslaw (vg)

Dinner (Campwide)
Chicken Satay with Lime Rice and Arugula Salad
Green Chickpea Curry with Lime Rice and Arugula Salad (vg)


Breakfast (Attendee & Sponsor)
Cereal Bar, Granola Bar with Yogurt
Breakfast (Patron)
English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches with Eggs and Ham or Grilled Peppers & Mushrooms (vg)

Lunch (Attendee)
Sandwich Bar with Choice of Deli Meats, Fresh Veggies, and Condiments
Lunch (Sponsor & Patron)
Hawkfeather’s Retirement Taco Party, choice of Beef or PeLow’s Black Bean Filling (vg)

Dinner (Campwide)
Xander’s Camp-Famous Chili and Warm Corn Tortillas (vg)
Camp-Wide Chili Cook-Off Contest to be judged during meal service
Campfire Tails’ 8th Birthday Cake Social :birthday:


Breakfast (Campwide)
Free-for-all Leftover Breakfast Burritos for the trip home!

As always, please feel free to message me via the forum if you have any questions about our ingredients or have any dietary concerns. While I can’t accommodate all requests, I can absolutely answer your questions and help you navigate which meals are appropriate for your needs!

*(vg) denotes vegetarian option
** Menu is subject to change on-site. Our staff will make every effort to communicate any changes in advance


Sounds so yummy! I’m looking forward to it. ^.^


My body is ready. I’m going to get so fat. Witness me!


My excitement knows no bounds, and soon, neither will my waistline.


Friday’s Vegetarian Sponsor/Patron lunch has been edited!