On Stage happening idea

So, we have tons of free time on the stage it looks like, and I was trying to think of ways to fill that time, and it hit me.

Would anyone be interested in an improv game on the stage?

I wouldn’t mind “hosting” it and providing prompts and such. We could have people compete in a sort of “Who’s line is it anyway” style, but easier since we aren’t pros XD.

Perhaps we could also have volunteer judges and I could bring up small prizes for the winners? maybe we could have off beat awards like, “Most flippant use of hand gestures” or something weird.

If I planned this would anyone be interested in competing/judging?

Sound hella fun. I’d definitely be down to either judge or preform

Make it a furry version of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and I’ll totally help you put it together! =D

Done. Let’s do this! XD

Sweet, I’ll start collecting things for “Scenes from a hat” and such :3

I’m a big fan of “props”!

I love the sounds game. 2 people act out the other two do sound effects.

That would be wicked. At FC I went to the improv workshop and it was fun.

These type of games are great. I’ll contact you in the up coming month and we can set up some stage time for this.

Just popping in here to leave a little comment: If there’s going to be props, please have more then like, 2 or 3 unique ones. Saw a video from MFF (I think) where there were only 3 different types (2 of which were pairs), and IMO, it was a little boring. >.>

Once you’re registered I’ll add you to the stage timetable. How many hours do you expect this to run?

Honestly, I bet this could go on for a couple hours X3 I would be willing to co-host this if Pulsifer doesn’t mind :3

Here are some of the games we should do:

Scenes from a Hat
Party Quirks
Unusual Superheros
90 second Alphabet
Sound Effects
Irish Drinking Song
Bachelor Game

Okay people, I need some help with this :3

I have a couple things to ask of you, especially if you are playing the game:

  1. If you have ANY crazy looking items that could be used in the game “Props”, please bring them!
  2. If you have ANY weird looking hats or masks, or anything that could be used in the “Worlds Worst Dating Service” game, that would be amazing too!

Also, I will be taking ideas for “Scenes From A Hat” and the game where you have to incorporate lines given to you at registration, so please please please contribute! :3

Thank you!!!