Oh my god i don't know what's going on where are my babies?!

Dude, I don’t think about this website, but I’m interested in what’s going on. Maybe Campfire Tails can haz twitter, or allow for email notices when the News is updated?

I noticed that News from the forums is sent to my email address, but not, say, the news about the t-shirt/mascot on the main page.


On the front page, on the lower right side you can subscribe to the site’s rss feeds to stay up to date on news posts! As for Twitter: we’ll see.

Bah, RSS. I have yet to get hooked on any readers, although I have tried a bunch. May I publically LJ syndicate your RSS?

Yes, I know, LJ is blasphemy, but LJ is where 95% of the feeds I read are if they’re not twittering, and the other 5% fell off the face of my earth when they left LJ. :stuck_out_tongue: (ASHAMED, but not really. One day there will be the most awesomesauce reader, and LJ will die for me.)

Feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

http://syndicated.livejournal.com/campfiretails/ if you want to use it for some reason.

Thank you muchly!