Offering a Ride for some gas <3

Location: Portland Area!

Storage Room: We will make it fit…got a pickup truck :smiley:

Gas $$$: Im not sure how to really charge for gas…I may just end up collecting the money later if i run out on the way back home. Almost didnt make it back last year cause i was almost out of gas and was totally broke from using all my gas money up doing runs into town alot and following someone all over bend and other places xD I think a straight shot there and back should be fine we can discuss it later.

No freaks, no crazies, no smokers. (if you wanna smoke i can pull over at a rest stop) no drinking in the car, and no rap music.

check ur facebook

hey Kazuma is the ride still open? I could use the trunk space for mah bike!

There are 2 (males) and camping gear, tent, coolers, sleeping bags etc. Live 5 minutes from freeways I 84 & 205 interchange. Will not smoke, listen to any thing, can we have water to drink or is this a totally dry ride? just kidding. as far as music, your vehicle your rules. will meet your departure and return dates. Very flexible

Riding with jeff last year is what I did and it was an excellent decision, I’d thoroughly recommend him as a passenger. :smiley:

oh man, we have a problem…ALL I do,/is rap!
Well I can drink water! That’s all I need for the ride X3

Do you think you will have room for these items:
A: 1 fox
B: Camping gear (tent 2 person, sleeping roll, 2 bags o stuff)
C: A bicycle ( optional, but space wanted)

thank you for the offer!

well as of Now i have 3/4 seats full so i only have room for a single person. But gear wise i should have plenty of room for all that stuff

I am now only one person and am willing to pay for the gas to and from. My friend bailed on me and am getting desperate. Do you still have an opening.