Off site camping for folks who don’t get picked in the raffle?

Just wondering what the CFT organizers’ thoughts are on letting people register for the con but book their own campsites nearby (Prairie Campground is .5mi South and McKay Falls 2.5mi East) if they don’t get any spots via the raffle. Sort of like staying at an overflow hotel when at other cons.
I’m open to doing this if some of my friends don’t win the raffle, in which case that’ll free up a spot at the main campground for someone else outside of our friend’s group.

You cannot book to be at the con and camp somewhere else. You cannot bring anyone who is not registered. You cannot be off site for insurance reasons and we would be in a lot of trouble if you did so.

So please, next time email us at the question instead of posting here.

Thank you, have a nice day.


The registration lottery is not for a space in the campsite, it is for overall attendance to the con. If a person was not able to complete the registration process, but attempted to attend anyway, that person would be ghosting the con.

This probably will not change in future years.

Thank you Serefina. The contact page for CFT rather specifically said to post questions on the forum rather than send an email, hence why I made the post.

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Thanks for clarifying, I was hoping the max attendance was based on the max occupancy of our campsite and therefore if someone were to camp offsite they wouldn’t count against that occupancy limit and therefore could still reg, which in that case wouldn’t be ghosting they’d just be the equivalent of an attendee who stays at an “overflow” hotel/campsite. That’s certainly different than ghosting, since ghosts don’t reg at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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