Observations from this year, offer for next

Three items I noticed this year.

  1. We were out of firewood for the group by Sunday night.

  2. Trash cans in the camp area ended up full to overflowing by Sunday evening/Monday morning and hadn’t been emptied by the time I left.

  3. The planned Frisbee golf course never got set up. (I know; this has been mentioned in another thread.)

Now; in reverse order…

  1. Next year I can set up a Frisbee golf course if someone else isn’t going to. I’ll need to know before I pack so I can pack needed items. (I’d appreciate suggestions on what to use for holes and whether to run the course through the camp area, out in the forest, or some of both.)

  2. I’ll volunteer to empty the trash cans as needed.

  3. I’ll bring firewood again next year. I’ll plan from the beginning to haul it up in my trailer; which should allow me to collect more 2X4 scraps than this year. I also have an apple tree I cut up this spring; but if we have a lot more people than this year it probably won’t be enough. I’ll have a couple suggestions later. For now I’ll just ask for suggestions (and ask that if you or someone you know is taking out a tree or doing major pruning try to save the good wood.)

there was plenty of firewood, i got about 12 huge logs over by the river and brought it over to the main fire ring on monday night/tuesday morning (cuz the staff/volunteers stayed the extra night), and there was probably 5 more after that, so there was plenty.

the trash issue was discussed in the stritch n bitch section. next year we are going to (or at least should) have more trashcans, one per cluster of tents (or at least thats how i understood it as it was discussed in the before mentioned forum). that being said…i am not staff so whatever i say is “null and void” unless it is confirmed by a staffmember. dont take my word as truth til it is confirmed for sure.

I wasn’t able to borrow an ax when i wanted to split one of those… :wink: Besides I don’t want to count on leftovers from previous campers for next year. But I’ll be prepared just in case - I’ll bring my splitting maul.

ax? AX? REAL people dont NEED axes :stuck_out_tongue: we just tossed them onto the fire. got the fire so hot that it started to turn the metal pit thing started turning white

actually raven used my hatchet on some of those logs that night

another suggestion would be to have several tshirts of each size to sell to try to “recover” some of the money lost from the food i know some people who wanted a tshirt that couldnt make it to the con, so i think if the shirts cost lets just say…$10 to make…sell them for $15 to $20