NorCal Carpool/Caravan Thread

Hey NorCal Furs! I prefer to travel in a caravan with at least one other car, and I can also offer a ride to one person (decent amount of storage room and room on the bike rack for one bike). I live in the East Bay Area. This will be my 5th time driving up :wolf:

What day are you leaving? I plan on heading up Thursday (July 30th 2015)in the morning. Id say follow me, but I’m a nasty diesel so Ill follow.

Oh hello! Is this your first CFT?

And I am leaving Thursday but I tend to like to leave later in the morning. Don’t know what your plan was time-wise?

Yep! It’s my first CFT, however it’s not my first camp out. Reach out to me on Twitter @foxpalmer1 let’s discuss!

Hi Palmer, I’m a friend of Zimmy, we met at your old place long time ago and FC campout. Should be leaving Fri… @amenophis_cat on Twatterz.