Noobie questions

Hello all (or none if i get no responses lol) so ive never been to any furry anything, in town deals always seem iffy, but thinking about this camping makes everything better! So basically im wondering what i would be getting into? Saw the comment about jello shots so im thinking drunken shenanagins with a twist. Whats attendance like? Any major things i should bring/not bring read around forums for previous years but how outta date are those, lol ty for any answers

Hi! I’m about in the same boat but i have been doing my homework. Here is a link on the history of such events

Along with the site that will point you to other local events, attendance records, and much more!

seems to be expected a little over 150, maybe 200 with this awesome theme they’ve got going!

Hope that helps a little =)

(Y) Dj Wildcard (Y)

Well hey there the both of ya!

To (hopefully) answer some of your questions, what you’re getting into is a wonderful gathering set up and help by a core group of pretty awesome furs, with all the happenings (events) purely thought up and ran by attendees. I hope that was vague enough :wink:

As for previous year’s threads, they are an excellent place to browse around, get a general feel for what went on, and to see what is allowed and not, the rules and Code of Conduct generally don’t change much from year to year. I don’t think there is anything quite like it that I’ve experienced, the friendship and camaraderie is pretty unique and awesome to experience. We have a panther and godlike kitchen staff that will serve up better food then you might (probably) eat at home, plus you’re out in some badass nature.

If your thing is just to sit back and read/write/draw/veg out in nature, awesome. If you want to attend every happening or even host one of your own, even better! It’s all up to you.

I’m just the power tool-wielding construction skunk, so I hope I’ve done a decent job of answering your questions. My overlords may see fit to add to this as well. :wink:

I’m not sure if there is a plan to post this again this year, but this really helped me figure out what needed to be brought, and gave me general idea of what the camping experience going to be like. So if helps paint the picture better for you, I offer you this:'s-big-old-list-of-camping-supplies-to-bring!/

And here are some of the collections of photo, videos, and various bits of silliness from the last two years:

Otherwise, all i can say is expect good food, good times, and hot showers. :>

Thank you for the answers, helped alot. and i would be goin but found out we got permit for lower rogue and not gettin off till friday,possibly sat. Done the river straight to camping before but knew ppl at site, wouldnt know anyone here and id be the wierdo showin up late not knowin anyoneor anything lol. Will think bout maybe showin up late but really hate to miss the first bit, so if i dont see u all this year, maybe the next! Happy camping!

Call me crazy, but showing up in a canoe is one of the coolest arrival ideas I’ve heard yet.

Lol it would be interesting but thats a long ass paddle upstream

We could tie the canoe to a tree and just hold the canoe mid stream and awesome. (things that are silly)

I’m afraid I can’t do much for showing up late, but I can tell that being a weirdo that doesn’t know anyone isn’t all that bad. Two years ago I popped in not knowing a single person there, apart from a few forum posts like these. Sure, it was awkward at first, but everyone was helpful and friendly and really made me feel like part of the camp. And over the coarse of the event I met lots of cool people, and made a good number of friends I still know to this day.

So if you’re afraid you won’t fit in or worry about meeting new people I can promise you that we’ll do our best to make sure you’re welcome with open arms, wings, tentacles, or whatever appendages we have available. :>

Jumping in late to answer some more :3

First of all, we’re expecting attendance this year to be around 70-90 campers - less than last year, but certainly enough to have a boatload of fun.

I wish the stream near CFT were big enough to paddle up (is it?), because showing up by boat would be amazing!!

Showing up late isn’t too unusual - although CFT is a thursday-to-monday con, we try to plan the most important and popular events on the weekend for folks who are busy with work or what-have-you.

Major things you should bring will be posted in the coming weeks, as we get closer to the end of the world as we know it. And don’t ever worry about not knowing anybody! We have a lot of great people and we’re planning a lot of great ways to have fun together :3

You should get out and meet others in your local community, regardless on if you decide to attend CFT or not. Large events like this are a great way to meet new people, and make new friends. However, you’re bound to have just as much if not more fun if you expose yourself a little before hand, or open yourself up to additional events both before and after the large camping adventure.