Newcomer Question

Since I know that the 2012 stuff hasn’t opened up yet, and the idea is more fresh in my mind. Is there any way for Archery equipment to be allowed on the campground? Or around it? Some other furs and I would be willing to bring some of our stuff and maybe do a Happening revolving around it, or to just have it be a recreational event for those who’re into the sport.

I would LOVE to do this, I remembered we toyed around with the idea. i will make sure and see if its something we can do at the camp ground.

I would love to do it as well. But, from what I understand from what I got told after I posted this, there’s an issue that there’s no backdrop anywhere to catch stray arrows. I doubt that there’d be able to be a Happening around this as they /are/ weapons. If we can find a place where the Rangers of the place can give us to shoot, we could probably do an Unofficial offsite happening or something along those lines? Just thinking of the possibilities.

hmmm, what about a large structure of cork board or some such material in the happening area?

While I would love to do this. xD It’d definitely be an offsite thing since CFT has insurance and all that jazz. They probably ain’t gonna allow Archery within a campground.

I could teach how to make arrows. :slight_smile: Its been a while though.

Hahah, I just realized this is a month old.

I would love an archery happening if possible. Maybe if we used training arrows it would be allowable? The one time I’ve really gotten to get my hands on a real bow and arrows I shot into cellophane sealed bales of cedar chips, maybe we can use something like that to shoot into?