New furry need help getting to cft! (ride canceled! D:)

Hey furs!

New fur to the OR area here. I was all set, packed and ready to go to cft but - just found out the fur I know who was supposed to be my ride cant go…! Need to find a nice fur or group of furs with room in thier vehicle for one more, plus small tent, bag, and sleepingbag? I am suuuper greatful for any and all offer, and can pitch in and pay gas money, no prob! Thanks so much!


Hey there. I’m glad you’re excited about CFT! The bad news is, registration ended July 1st, and we have no onsite registration. We’ll be reopening reg for 2012 not long after CFT. I hope to see you next year!

I am registered to attend - just signed up for the forum with a dif fur-nick. Still need a ride though…! Please send any email from those who could help to either this account, or reply to this thread! Thanks! : D

I’m sorry - I know its short notice - but is some one available? Any furs in the Portland/Hillsboro area have an extra spot for a guy who got pinched at the last second cuz his ride had to work? PLEASE - reg is paid, but still need a ride - please help. :frowning: