Neptunian Slug Juice! (or, jungle juice in space?)

(in an announcer voice)

Are you a pilot looking for adventure and fun on the Neptunian moon of Triton? If so, Neptunian Slug Juice is for you! The only known cure for Tritonian Hypermalaria! Made from almost one hundred percent alcohol, it’ll either cure ya, or make you not care if it doesn’t!

So come on down, and pick up some Neptunian Slug Juice today!

Disclaimer: Neptunian slug juice is a novelty alcohol product and is not approved by the FDA or intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

All Futurama references aside, I plan on bringing ye olde igloo cooler once again. If any of y’all over-21’s feel like donating alcohol to the pot, I’m happy to bring the fruit. No Gin this time, though. X3


P.S. I mean it. Over 21 only. I ain’t gettin’ in trouble!


Cool thing to note: Do a check for wristbands when someone comes up for some juice. If they don’t have one, send them over to a staff member to verify them and get them one!

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Of course! I know the drill. :3


(I realize you may not remember. This’ll be my fourth year.)

Yo, @malachai do you have a time frame for when you want to do this?
I’m guessing you’ll have to add everything in the morning/afternoon so it’ll soak properly?

The best way is to put everything in the cooler on the first day, along with the alcohol. Then, on day three or so, its ready. It takes days, not hours.

Ah! Alright. So the earlier we pitch in, the better? Let’s say we plan on having it started by Thursday night after dinner?

Sounds like a plan. Alcohol and fruit are the things I’ll need donations for. I’m bringing some of both, but its the-more-the-merrier with this stuff.

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So, why no gin? I think I may have donated gin into it in the past, but I can’t remember (I guess the nature of this kind of thing is to not remember how it was made).

Because I got many complaints last time. Made the whole batch taste like pinecones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be wise to avoid tequila as well… it has a pretty sharp taste that can blow away a lot of other flavors.
I’m specifically thinking of a patron lime citronge thing I picked up a while back, which should have been good, but the tequila in it is so bad and so overpowering that I’ve yet to ever make anything made with even a little bit of it taste good.

I’ll taste test it first, to see if it’ll be overpowering. There was tequila in it last year and it was fine.