Need Friday-Sunday ride from Eugene


So my girlfriend did not realize just exactly what span of time CFT was happening and has not requested time off from work yet. She may be able to do Friday-Sunday, but would need a ride because we would have left already on Thursday.

If anyone would be willing to bring her with them and take her back, that would be fantastic. She wouldn’t have any gear really except maybe a bag or two. The rest of the gear would be coming with me.

Hi there! You forgot to mention one little but very important thing: where does she need a ride from? :wink:

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'>///< ehehehe… heh… sorry. It’s from Downtown Eugene, near Sweet Life Patisserie if anyone’s familiar.

My girlfriend confirmed that she can, in fact, get Friday off. She’d be able to leave as early as wanted/needed and she’ll only have maybe a bag or two. She would also need to be back by Sunday night. She’s open to that being with another person if necessary.

She is located in Downtown Eugene. I would provide the address to anyone willing to help us out. We’re willing to toss a bit of gas money at you as well.

Please and Thank you!

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Just to throw this out there as an idea, you may also want to be flexible enough to finding a ride for yourself (i.e. Thurs - Mon), and letting her drive herself. Or one of you can find a ride up, and the other finds a ride back, etc., letting whoever can’t find a ride take the car. Flexibility makes planning easier! :slight_smile: Either way, good luck!

I have a ride to and from, Thurs.-Mon. She CAN drive but we don’t have a car, so I can’t find a ride there and leave a car… We initially all had a ride until she found out she couldn’t get Thursday or Monday off. Part of why we’re posting here asking for a ride, because we don’t really have the capacity to drive 4 hours to and from the event 2 of the days. (the idea was present and is not practical, otherwise we’d get her ourselves)

Also, no there is not another car that we can borrow. They are required by the friends who own them. We can’t pay to rent a car for a weekend just to be driven twice. That and she’s too young to be eligible to rent a car

So I appreciate your suggestions, but we’re already aware of our circumstances and tossed around ideas before posting here.

She needs a ride there Friday because she can get that day off. She needs to be back Sunday because she CAN’T get Monday off from work.

Aye aye, Capitaine! :sunglasses: Again, good luck.

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