Need a ride for two from Tigard, No luggage!

(Two and one is a dog!)

My CFT ride plans have changed quite suddenly, and now I am looking for someone with space for myself and a 6 ish month old F1B labradoodle puppy- they basically don’t shed, so no hair in the car, plus, he is mostly shaved right now… He will have passed his puppy and CGC classes, doesn’t have accidents and has never been car sick so he shouldn’t be an issue!
We are in Tigard, a few blocks from Washington Square Mall and would be traveling very light- only a purse or backpack type item, as another friend will have my gear in their truck bed.
I do have gas money as well!

If anyone has space for Quin puppy and myself, or knows someone who does, please let me know!!!
We also don’t mind going a day or two early, we can be flexible! [Note: Quin doesn’t use a kennel in the car so we don’t need a big huge space for him, just one seat or a good sized foot well. We can pay for 2 seats if that is how gas is divided!]

Thank you to anyone who reads this or helps out!!! :blush:

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