Navigator/Sanity Keeper Wanted

I recently turned up an opening for a passenger and their things to help keep me from getting lost or going insane from the long drive. I live out in Saint Paul Oregon and plan to cruise on in through the Santiam Pass. I know I really don’t live near much anything other than livestock, but I am willing to go out of the way for a friendly fur in need of a ride. :slight_smile:

Planning to head out on the 3rd, and return on the 9th. I drive a Saturn L200, it has a decent trunk and four doors, but no luggage rack for anything large or obtuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Toss me a message, email, or throw a reply in on this thread and we can talk!

Needs help with a ride! Can we maybe join forces? wags Pleeze? : )

D’aww two of the people I’m most excited to meet :smiley:
Make sure to get there!