My thoughts

I rather enjoyed CFT this year, and was certainly very relaxing for me (outside of maybe one evening :P). As always, staff (/especially/ the kitchen workers). For all the silly little things I see, you still have my respect.

Figure I should at least give my thoughts on a few things that I feel should be looked at:

  1. I know there was talk about trash being left about, and some of us went around after the weekend to pick a bit of it up. (Kudos to those who helped tidy up during, and after). This does bring me to my point; being in quiet (blue) camp, I didn’t see a single garbage can like there had been, so I ended up making sure there was at least a visible garbage bag on a table near my tent area (which I did see getting used).

The garbage bins close to the kitchen are somewhat alright for green and parts of red (Yes I know there are also the large garbage bins as well), but for situations like the edge of red or blue…I know some can be lazy and end up just leaving things collecting around a fire pit or tables. Where if perhaps there was a trash receptacle that wasn’t too far, they would be more inclined.

Maybe if anything just for the edges of camp.

  1. Where was the advertisement for CFT? I hardly saw anything up until the very few last months, hell for a while there I didn’t even know if there was going to be anything. Which is why I waited till the last day of registration to actually register.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but perhaps I should have also done this up when it was more fresh in my brain :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Sitku, post:1, topic:698”]If perhaps there was a trash receptacle that wasn’t too far, they would be more inclined.[/quote]It has been my experience that people absolutely will use trash cans if they’re convenient, and are very likely to not use them if they aren’t.
Trash cans can also potentially double as containers to help with storage/transport to and from the Bend storage unit, so hopefully they wouldn’t eat up a ton of space in storage. Set each one up with a nice big heavy rock in the bottom (or some dirt) before putting a bag in it, to keep it from blowing away, and it can sit pretty much anywhere.

I know our camp (red/loud) had a large trash can provided by staff - we put it out front and people definitely used it! Perhaps a few more loaner cans could be placed in each camp (red/green/blue), and/or a few strategic high-traffic areas (bathrooms, spigots, far end of quiet camp to/from the river)?

Something else just occurred to me - it would probably be wise to attach a light or a glowstick to it to help you find it at night.