My Overview

First off, there was so much going on, and so many things to do, it is no doubt in my mind that with last minute staff members not being able to do their duties because they couldn’t go because of family issues, or financial issues - and the happenings really being almost non existent, CFT was still an absolute success. There may have been little things here and there that i didn’t care for, but to be honest? The furs that i got to meet and spend time with made it absolutely phenomenal. There is a relaxed feel to a lot of us that have the capacity to go camping. It is that fact alone that made this a very enjoyable con.

The major complaints I had was that the camps were too spread out. If we had over 225+ actual attendees there, then such large camps would have made perfect sense.

The food was fantastic for dinner, no argument there period. X panther did extraordinary work. (despite that he had no down time because some of the cooking staff never made it to the con.) Yes, breakfast and lunch could have been a bit more enjoyable, but more help beyond what hawkfeather, and many others campers did to help would have been required. (and really? I didn’t go to the CFT for the food!)

Another blatant improvement would be to actually have happenings scheduled, some of which that aren’t put on by campers so it would be known they can’t fall through and not happen. Also having happenings / events that last the duration of CFT weekend. CFT attendee trading cards, blackout bingo, a scavenger hunt - to name a few. Also having free time windows scheduled so campers wouldn’t miss the big events if they wanted to do their own thing. Also no events planned within an hour and a half after when dinner is planned just incase dinner is running late.

I also believe a major improvement would be to have 4 main tents. The food tent, the medical tent, the check-in admins tent, and the happenings/art tent. 3 of those tents being all near each other with the exception of the admin tent being near the entrance for check-in. Also, giving out the over 21 wrist bands at check-in. (the idea of having a host tent in each section of each camp is a bit excessive.(most events of 10-20,000 people don’t have more then one huge medical tent. this would make staffing shifts easier and more bearable for all staff. Also for food, having dedicated cooks one for each meal of the day would help x panther stay sane! (cause i mean, common, we need his energy to sell us panther pouches ^^)

Just a few suggestions!

I just gotta say, i miss all of you! A year is way too long! >.>


A large chunk of that year just went by while reading your critique. raises Stunna© sunglasses