My Last Time At CFT

as of July, i shall officially be an Oklahoma fur, so this will be my last CFT. so, i will be flying from Tulsa to Redmond, Oregon. i was wondering if there were any specific baggage restrictions for flying out of Redmond airport? i plan to have my partial and tent and a few other things in a suitcase for checked luggage. and a bunch of the small things and my clothes in my carry on.

Don’t know about specific regs myself, but be sure to find out how much it costs to check extra baggage.

checked baggage restrictions (size,weight,prohibited items,etc) are the same as any airport within the US, as far as carryons, they are smaller planes (charter planes, about the size of a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 or Boeing 737-700), and if i remember correctly, there isnt much overhead storage, so only pack the “essentials”.

I’d highly recommend checking the website of whatever airline you’re using. Some times specific airlines have different regulations regarding baggage and the contents allowed within carry on luggage.