My idea! :o

Alright, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but only recently remembered to actually post it. XD

So, since the name is a play on campfire tales, I thought we should do some sort of storytelling, around some sort of fire or fire simulate.

Either do the normal, one person tells a story deal, or what I’ve thought up so far:
Do a bit of brainstorming for a few keywords, and have someone start off with a on-the-fly story, going either till they run out of ideas or till a certain time limit. Could be based on
an already existing style, or just however, each person can change it as they see fit when it’s their turn.

All of this would be by choice, of course.

Good? Bad? Discuss. :o

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sounds like a good idea. I have done the one person tells a bit of a story before and its quite fun! Also writers could maybe bring some of there work and share.

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Awesome. ^^

I think it’s a nice idea. Story-telling and listening are two of my favorite pass-times. :slight_smile:

How about a dance around a bonfire?

I suppose that could be worked into something. XD

I could sing Brian May songs, off-key, if that would accomplish any good.