My feedback

I wasn’t there from beginning to end due to schedule issues for me, but I was there for the major days.

To be honest there is little I can comment on because my ideal CFT time doesn’t include much as far as happenings, unless something crops up that catches my interest. I mostly like to socialize and go do stuff and wait for night, then make the party rounds.

What I will say, this being my second year, is amazing job on the food X Panther and kitchen staff, once again. Everything seemed fairly smooth for most of the con as well.

The only thing I will complain about right now is I didn’t like the layout of the camp. As some others have said, it was too spread out. If we had large attendance then it would work, but it isn’t even that it took too long to walk. My complaint for it is the fact that since it was “set up wherever you want” it fostered too much cliqueishness. Everyone made their own mini camps within the camps and just stuck with the groups they came to hang with the most. That works for them, but it hurts fostering a community as a whole. Sure anyone can just go “invade” those areas and try to blend in, but it’s a bit awkward and forced. What I liked was more like last year, where there were the different camps but they were all centered around the fire pit kind of and everyone was put somewhere close to others and in general while it didn’t promote the camps intermingling much it did heavily promote each camp’s residents mingling with each other. I met and interacted with or was interacted by people I didn’t know way way way more in 2011 and it made the whole experience much more enjoyable. This year it just felt like you had to have an in with the different groups in order to mingle or socialize much since everyone just broke up in to those groups of friends.