Mwa ha ha *moustache curl*

Looks like the last thing I was waiting for has arrived. I had ordered a few things from Amazon, and hurrah they are here. plots and plans

Bring fun things.

Order now!

All I ordered was a light-up cup for my booze. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice nice, anything that illuminates is nice. What color? Extra points if blue. That was one of my favorite SCA rules to attracting stick jocks. Anything at night that is glowing, blue, and jingles, will bring them running. So attach a small bell and you’ll be all set.

Working more on plans, I did some pre-assembly on one thing and have constructed both pieces of another. So much work.

Its pretty cool, if it actually does as advertised, which is flash through 7 different colors or hold on any one of them.

Oh I also wrapped my bike in aqua el wire, I’m planning to bring that.

All of this thread makes me happy. I’m gonna miss you scruffy!

Just you wait… 8)

Crowley, the first day I met you, and rendered you temporarily speechless, (though you didn’t know it was me who had done so) I knew you were a fun guy.

Reach into the way back machine and tell me if you know what I am talking about. If not I will fill in the details.

Oh man, I think this has to do with me sitting in a chair and sipping a bottle of mead…

Long before that. I see you don’t remember. You are SO not Pepperidge Farm. Because Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Try again? (If you don’t get it after this I will remind you.) Think of a time when an unknown person rendered you speechless, and I was around. (Unless you don’t remember me. In which case, excuse me, I’ll be in the emo tent listening to Tori.)

Oh, I remember you. You’re my kinda person. Okay, so I got summer in portland in 2010 at the summer solstice party. Many people left me speechless there. Then there’s Fox Hollow Theater in eugene when I was hosting meets. And Hop Madness…

Oh man I’m in for it now. :o

starts Tori in the emo tent. A box of tissues labelled “Livejournal” sits dejectedly next to me

Actually, it was at Tawn’s Holiday gift swap, nearly 2 years ago. You chose a wrapped gift, opened it, and were silent for a few moments when you realized that you had, indeed, chosen poorly.

Oh…oh my god D:


For those of you playing the home edition, that response was brought to you by Crowley’s memory of opening up a bag to find a big purple cock pump. (It was quickly stolen away, so don’t bother asking if he used it.)

I was the one who brought the adorable little husky plush… hahaha

Also, DAMN. I brewed a bunch of mead, like 3 gallons. Today I was moving on to the filtering and bottling. I filled the special bottles I’d saved. Plus my overflow bottle. And have an extra gallon sitting in a plastic pitcher. Poop. So, booze at my place. . . This plastic pitcher will not go to CFT, so it will be drunk before then. This year it has come out more like a wine than a sweet mead. The rapid fermentation earlier was really doing the trick.