Music Requests

So, I have two hours to play music on Friday night, and I wanted to get some input from the people who have to hear it. If you want to hear something, let me know here, and I will work it into my setlist. I don’t want to do only what I wanna hear, so let me know!

Gah, I was going to make a post like this, you beat me to it XD

What do you usually play?

Well I personally love trance and electro, but I usually throw some club mixes/house/maybe some dubstep in there for good measure.

Some of the songs I’m definitely gonna play include:

Blake Lewis - Heartbreak on Vinyl (Bimbo Jones Remix)
Disko Biskit - Pascal and Peace
Eiffel 65 - Blue (some remix that I have)
Tommie - Blue Sky
DJ Mystik - Blue
DJ Mystik - Dust In the Wind

(will add more as I remember to do so)

Well i personally would love to hear some good old rock n’ roll baby.

I’m a total whore for Noisia. I’d like to hear what you can do with their stuff.

Well I can’t say that I’ll be doing too much mixing, at least in a live format, but I will be attempting to put together half an hour to an hour long mixed set since I have enough time between now and then, so I’ll keep that in mind :3

DJ Irish! Especially during the Battle of the Brightest

I want to second the vote for rock-n-roll.

I like techno/trance/electronica as much as the next person, but it’s not my favorite and some pretty good classic rock or psychedelic music would be awesome. I could come up with a good song list if you’d like to add some to your mix.

May I also plug The FuMP ( for some damn good music?

Since all my music in the truck comes from my flashdrive, I’ll be bringing it up. I got a lot of folk/melodic death metal, quite a bit of psytrance/dance/dubstep, some west coast rap/club music, and a few trippy songs.

Only if we run out of things to listen to or desire another genre :smiley:

P.S. please play LOTS of dubstep!

EDIT: example of metal I’ll be bringing

[size=18pt]FREE BIIIRD!!![/size]

Reggae. :X

Okay, so here’s my plan, being that I have 3 hours now to play with:

1st Hour: 80’s music remixes!
2nd Hour: Techno techno techno! (i.e. Dance, General Techno, House, Club, Electro, etc.)
3rd Hour: DnB and Dubstep and Trance

Also…if you read this Crowley, I will TRY to put together some extra music just in case we have some open slots available that need filling on the other nights :3

Cool. Also looks like we’re swapping out your night schedule with the saturday schedule, if that’s fine.

Yeah that’s cool :3

I wanna watch!


I personally love the combination of classical/opera and techno. :open_mouth: If you have anything like that, I’d love it. :smiley:

Like this? X3

[quote=“Bennet Fox, post:16, topic:54”]I wanna watch!


You can watch lol. Hope I’m at least entertaining X3

Electric Tuvan throat singing.